Saturday, August 30, 2008


so it’s been over a year since i’ve last posted, and it’s safe to say that things have changed a bit. some highlights:
-i left south africa in late September 2007, and went back to chicago, to live in a lovely apartment full of generous people.
-i went back to south africa at the beginning of 2008, sent some of you this blog link, promised to post, and… didn’t. sorry guys. the second go-round was also amazing, and i had the chance to meet some truly inspiring people over the course of doing fieldwork for my honors thesis.
-in june 2008, i graduated from college, went on a fantastic road trip through the western us, filled with generous parents, crazy geological formations, crazier friends, and a couple of citations for having “knowingly and unlawfully violating the peace and dignity of the state of wyoming,”
-the rest of the summer was filled with twilight swims in lake michigan, lengthy bike rides, lots of cooking, a few nights that actually ended the next morning, and farewells to chicago and the people i’d gotten to know there over the past four years.

that brings us to now… the start of my attempts to be a real person before i likely flee to the safety and security of “the Academy” for another couple (many?) years. how have those attempts been going? well, i suppose the purpose of this blog is to chronicle that answer. call it a pretty good beginning.