Wednesday, September 12, 2007

montagu, on delay

i'm not up for writing much right now, was up late and up early getting an assignment done for work and am fried at the moment. so instead, because i've been meaning to do this for quite awhile but got distracted by (in no particular order) a sinus infection, a protest, and a sprained wrist, i'll post a few photos from montagu.

montagu is an area a bit north and a bit east of here (somewhere around 2 hrs drive?) with natural hot springs and these very awesome "folded mountains," called that because their rock layers make them look, well, folded. we went a couple of weekends back (and by we, i mean some people from the office, paymon's sister and friend who were visiting, and myself), and stayed at this fantastic working class resort in two "cabins" (upon seeing the pictures of said cabins, you'll understand why that's in quotes). it was a really refreshing break from the sometimes overwhelming wealth and race divisions in cape town.

without further ado... montagu!

our accommodations. yes, that is indeed a trailer home. a surprisingly comfortable and spacious trailer home... and somehow simply perfect for the weekend. key was the porch, as well as the space to braai (barbecue)

after a day of braaiing, hot spring-ing and driving, we all went to sleep and then woke up to a delicious breakfast, thanks to dalli (featured sideways in above photo... still haven't quite sorted that out yet)

paymon then took some time to think about our next course of action. or work on posing for magazine covers, not quite sure which...

we decided to go hiking in the gorge, in search of some caves. we're pretty sure the caves were an immediate turn inside the entrance, but hey, the two hour hike in search of them was gorgeous. we saw some awesome sights, like these kloof flowers...

and folded mountains (that's zoomed, but it's big. really, really big.).

we also made some new friends, like this dassi (despite the fact that it's the size of a groundhog, its closest relative is an elephant)...

this giant red grasshopper (photo also features andrew's hand)

and this turtle (tortoise? we had a big debate, but it was left unsettled), which was surprisingly chill with being picked up by parissa.

at the end of the weekend though, we had to head back for the beginning of a new week. this is along the N2 (I think?), one of their national highways (the word "interstate" doesn't work here, for the obvious reason that they have provinces, not states). we tried to find a farm stand (awesome roadside shops with all kinds of deliciousness for weary travelers) but since it was sunday, they were all closed, and we ended up at..... a mcdonalds. it seems there's no escaping them. hopefully i'll get around to posting some photos from the TAC rally in Cape Town in the next couple of days, but if you're really eager, some can be found at